Located in a remote mountainous area, Nanda Devi (7817m), the highest peak entirely in India is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging mountains to climb in the world. Nanda Devi is a twin peak with its companion, Nanda Devi East, standing 7434 meters (24,389 ft) in height and is the intended subject for this interesting short film.

The video was shot few years back by a British team that traveled to India to climb Nanda Devi East. Facing many obstacles and deciding to abort their Nanda Devi East plan, the team re-focused on a 6322 meter (20,741 ft) unclimbed mountain known as Changuch. The 13-minute expedition film wonderfully chronicles the culture, history, and plenty of amazing mountain vistas.

The 2009 British / Indian Nanda Devi East & Changuch Expedition by Rob Jarvis on Vimeo.