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Having made and used an open flame non-pressurized ‘cat-can’ alcohol stove earlier it was time for myself to indulge in the more effective, simple to construct, pressurized versions that can be made from  a remarkable array of aluminium beverage cans to empty deodorant canisters.

How-to-make the stove : click HERE for step-by-step instruction(s)

Here are some photograph(s) of two stoves (with different fuel capacity), a common extinguisher (lid) with holder, a pot stand made from aluminium hanger.

Two stoves with common extinguisher lid

Stove with extinguisher lid (smaller capacity)

Stove with extinguisher lid (larger capacity)

Extinguisher lid made from another can (bottom)

A folded thin strip to make the handle

Pot stand made from an aluminium hanger

Packed together with the cooking pot(s)

Stove Test

it took 3.5 minutes to boil 1 cup of water

Below are a series of photographs showing the stove in action. Notice how the flame starts to build up with accumulating pressure within the side walls. The small stove took 3.5 mins to boil 1 cup of water

All image(s) © Ashish Chanda, 2012